IDRAAC (Institute for Development, Research, Advocacy and Applied Care) is unique in its mission to promote mental health research and in its commitment to increase public awareness towards relevant issues.

IDRAAC's members have been involved in many national and international community and clinical studies assessing different types of mental conditions, including depression, anxiety disorders, suicide, substance use, ADHD, etc.

The “World Mental Health (WMH) Surveys”

This worldwide exhaustive assessment (26 participating countries) of mental, behavioral and substance use disorders, represents a unique initiative towards life improvement led by WHO (Geneva) and Harvard Medical School (USA). Lebanon is the only Arab country participating in this worldwide initiative.

Lebanon's WMH study was conducted nationwide, collecting information on 2,857 households. IDRAAC team is currently working in coordination with Harvard University on analyzing this extensive data, and initial results are expected to be released within the coming few months.

Act for Lebanon is committed to support the data analysis phase over the coming three years.