Qualified as the fastest growing Marathon in the world by AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Road Races), the Beirut International Marathon started in 2002 and was able to attract 6000 runners from 49 different countries only one year later in October 2003.

It is now a national event where public institutions, civil society institutions and the business community come together to prove that Lebanon, with all its differences and diversity, is united in its love for sports and human development.

For 2005, the race day was on November 13th when 17,000 runners had participated in the event. Participants from 71 countries gathered under one theme; “UNITED WE RUN”.
This year, the Beirut Marathon Association has broadened its scope, reaching out to areas in both extremes of Lebanon. Tripoli-Mina Race (North Lebanon) and Tyre Race (South Lebanon) have gathered people from all Lebanon to run together for the love of sports.

The big day this year was on December 3rd. In the fourth Beirut International Marathon, more than 20,000 runners had participated. Participants from 44 countries had gathered to run “FOR THE LOVE OF LEBANON” in Beirut streets.

The Beirut Marathon Association is now looking with enthusiasm at the BIM-2007 events, hoping to gather runners from all over Lebanon and the world to run Beirut and Lebanon streets with a message of unity, diversity and peace.

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