Any structure is only as strong as its weakest link, and a society is no different. We cannot build a country whose strength is in its diversity without first ensuring that each of its communities is getting what they need to function as a healthy cell within the larger body of the nation. Furthermore, we cannot be truly in touch with the needs of any community if we approach it from a perspective not immediately in tune with its day-to-day reality.

That is why we see networking as a strategy.

Networking is our major communication strategy, bringing together the friends of Lebanon, all people from Lebanese origin,  from all around the word closer to Lebanon.

Networking to give each and everyone of you an opportunity to Act for Lebanon by contributing to change and development, and being part of a supportive community that truly believes in the future of our country.

Networking is also our major action strategy, pulling together and consolidating the efforts of institutions, groups and individuals, who are committed to support the democracy and freedom of speech and unique diversity of our society.

Networking with the diverse communities of Lebanon, on a grassroots level, to support their responsible civic actions towards change and social improvement.