Act for Lebanon is a non-profit organization, comprised of Lebanese, at home and abroad, and friends of Lebanon, who share the view that Lebanon should remain uniquely diverse, that its democratic historical antecedents should be reestablished, that it should be independent and sovereign and that all Lebanese practice greater tolerance in celebrating the country’s unique diversity and common heritage.

Operating Principles:
The officers and members of Act for Lebanon will support educational, social, cultural, health and athletic events inside and outside Lebanon, which will contribute to the aforementioned mission goals.

Strategic Approach:
The Strategy of Act for Lebanon is to raise civic awareness in Lebanon by starting at the grassroots (bottom) and working upward to influence policymakers. In additions, Act for Lebanon seeks to gain the support of private donors and government who share the view that an independent diverse, democratic and prosperous Lebanon can be a catalyst for a peaceful transition to democracy in the region.