Edward Maalouf is a Lebanese wheelchair racer. Even before his accident in 1995, Edward was an active sportsman.
Now wheelchair racing is the activity that drives him to take challenges, and what he enjoys most is participating in marathons across the world. Traveling all around the globe to participate in sports' events is his aim, going from marathons all around Europe, to the United States and Lebanon.

2006 is for Edward Maalouf full of challenges and great achievements, he achieved the 2nd place at the Bonn Marathon in Germany, 1st place in the Schenkon Marathon in Switzerland … and the list goes on…

Now Edward Maalouf is looking with enthusiasm to the Paralympics which is going to take place in Beijing – China in 2008.

Act for Lebanon supports Edward Maalouf for the great will he has to surpass his abilities and always want to take on challenges. Now he spends his time training and practicing, always looking for a better score.

Breaking The NYC Marathon Course Record

Budget of Edward Maalouf for 2007 Season

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