“Only the educated are Free” - Epictetus (stoic philosopher, 55 – 135 C.E.)

The Bekaa Valley, which includes Baalbeck Kaza and City are living examples of deprivation and marginalization. As a result, the area suffers from high rates of unemployment, risk of higher illiteracy rates, and low basic needs satisfaction.

Act for Lebanon is undertaking an important educational project to offer another alternative to the residents of the region. Providing secular education not based towards a religious or political point of view is essential.

Starting with education is basic to the revival of the Baalbeck city and its civil society, and essential in deciding its future socio-economic outlook. The new school project is not only seen as an educational institution through which concepts such as democracy, transparency, rule of law, good governance and tolerance could be taught, but also as a platform or necessary civic space through which the re-emergence of civic action could be supported.

Act for Lebanon believes in “education for life” and attaches great importance to this new project. The building, with its 800 students capacity in the next years, is close to be ready to welcome the three first pre-school classes next year.

Below, you may find the needed budget for the furniture, equipment and material, and the running cost budget for school year 2007 – 2008. We join Aristotle in saying: “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet” and call on all the Act for Lebanon community and friends to participate in supporting the Baalbeck Community School.

Baalbeck Community School budget for the first operational year

Vocational Training Program

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