2005 Press Conference

August 3, 2005

We are Act for Lebanon and we are an NGO; we are a network of concerned Lebanese citizens living here and abroad; we are individuals from all walks of life come together for change, for progress, for Lebanon.

We come together because we are all tired of empty rhetoric. We believe it is time for action, time for projects that unite our communities and celebrate our pluralism and diversity.

We choose to focus on what has always been this country's greatest asset, its people, by favoring talent and helping develop human resources.

We believe strongly that when the actions of responsible individuals are combined then the power to make a real difference is actually at hand. That's why Act for Lebanon works through the model of grassroots activism, which means we work with the people from the bottom up to influence policymakers, and not the other way around.

Under that goal we:

  1. Support exceptional talents in the belief that they are both ambassadors for Lebanon abroad as well as role models for our youth.
  2. Sponsor worthy selective events that contribute to enhancing the image of Lebanon as a progressive country dedicated to development and change.
  3. Are dedicated to Education for Life through supporting research and development and by helping improve school infrastructure in those areas that need them most.
  4. Promote gifted women, for it is only with their full participation in society that we may have a truly democratic and prosperous society.

Act for Lebanon is a network, joining both the Lebanese citizens living in Lebanon and the Lebanese diaspora abroad.

It's time we embrace our diversity as a nation, for this is our greatest strength. 

It's time to stop talking and start acting.