Edward news

June 19, 2010

Dear Act For Lebanon, (Monday, July 09, 2007) On the 29 of June I left to Czech republic for 2 races. One time trial and the second criterium. It’s one of the European Handbike Circuit competition and I am leading with the Yellow Jersey. The both races were on Saturday the 30 of it. In the morning we had the time trial I finished as 3rd and in the morning I felt that I am still sleeping. After the race we ate pasta and I prepare myself for the race in the afternoon. The race began and it was hilly race and the attack began and I finished in front all the group with about 25 second, winning the race. On Sunday I left to Germany to Heidelberg where I wanted to stay and training there with others and prepare for the next race which was yesterday on the 8th of July. I wasn’t glad because of the bad weather and it was raining most of the time. On Tuesday we went for a ride and what was unexpected have a accident with a car. We were 2 and I was behind friend of mine. He got the biggest hit but thanks God that it was only material and I hit the car with my front wheel which was damaged. After the police came and made a report and it was our mistake because the guy on the front drove threw red light. After the report we took a taxi back to our hotel. It was not so good staying inside because of the rain and having such a accident. So my training was most of the time inside in the gim, and I arrange a extra wheel to use it for the race on Sunday. On Saturday I wasn’t feeling so good and I had lot of pain. I realise that I have a little fever. I went to sleep and I took some medicine for the fever. The race day, it’s Sunday and we went early for breakfast and after that we left to the race. I wasn’t feeling so good but still I want to have a good race, and lot of good racers were there, and they were expected for World Record there so it was exciting. After we took off o took the lead with high speed and we changed, after 10 km lot of racers drop off the peleton, and after 15 km other drop off as well. 5 racers left and still the speed was very fast sometimes more than 60km/hr. The power that I had it before I miss it in the race as I wasn’t able to do my own, and one of my concurrent was all the time hiding behind, and his team was working for him. After I saw that I get back and I did the same what he did. At the end with a massa sprint I finished as 4 in general and 2 in my division. But on the marathon in my division I get the new world record which is 1:05:34, the old one was 1:07:22. We finished the 46 km with 1:09:04 but the results wasn’t so good for me, but im the other side I was happy to give more attention for the other guy, because there were saying there that I was the favourite and I got lot of attention which I didn’t want it. Yesterday night I came back home and today I went to the doctor to see from what this fever, and after tests he realise that I have urine infection and now I am following cure for 10 days. In the meantime I am following special training for the World Championships and on the 25 of July I am having a test in Germany to see how much my progressing is as I did one before 2 months. And I will follow another training which is much better from what I am doing now. So I am following all the new technique and I am on the good road for next year. Regards, Edward Maalouf