Edward news

June 19, 2010

Dear Act for Lebanon, (Monday, July 23, 2007) Last weekend I was in Holzkirchen in Germany. I had 2 races one on Friday time trial and one on Saturday criterium. This races you can win points in the IPC (International Paralympics Comity). On Friday the race was at 18:30 in the evening. So I get in my handcycle at 17:00 to begin my warming up. At 16:20 I was near the start but the weather looked not so good as they said they will be bad weather and storm is coming as well. At 18:30 I started with lot of wind on the road and lot of rain and thunder as well. After the first round lot of accident were happened and they decided to stop the race as the clock stopped as well. We should do 3 rounds and after the second was telling everyone that the race is cancelled and we have to go back to our car, even that I wanted for myself to continue the third round as I am already wet from the rain. I came back to the hotel and I have to dry all the clothes and the cushion and the bike as well, and sure to get rest for the next day hoping that wont be any rain and will be dry. On Saturday I left the hotel to the course at 11:00 in the morning. Our start was at 13:30 in the afternoon. After the warming up we was waiting for the start signal. The start began and I took the lead and the course was about 600 m and we had to turn 60 laps in this course, lot of technical turns and dangerous as well, so you have to be careful about what you are doing. My best competitor was there the World Champion and the Germany Champion and the Austrian Champions as well. When I took the lead the tempo was very high specially in the turns which I am good in it and I have advantage on my competitor. After 3 rounds I saw that the World Champion wasn’t able to follow as the Austrian as well. The German was still in the group, but in my division he was the only one who stayed in, so I decided to go to the back and try to watch him all the race as he was my only target to win the race. After riding more than 50 min still 4 rounds to go, and I decided at the 3rd round to make my attack and try to go away from him as if I will stay in the group in this road and this course will be dangerous for me from the others divisions. So I took the lead in the last 3 rounds and the tempo was very fast and before the end 400 m some of the other divisions passed me but I knew that my competitor was about 1 km behind me and I won the race. So my preparation for the World Championships next month in Bordeaux on schedule and I have lot of training to do before I will leave to France next month on the 17 of august. After the race the feeling was good to be on podium and to win the race as well and to go points for the Paralympics as well. These 3 guys are the favourite in the World Championships and in Peking next year as well. And after this race I get more confidence on myself that I am good as they are but still I want to be much better than they are and make a big difference between to make sure that next year I will win a Gold medal and this is my big target that I have to reach. Kind regards, Edward Maalouf