Edward news

June 19, 2010

Dear Act For Lebanon, (Tuesday, August 14, 2007 12:01 AM) Long time i didn’t update you with my last news as i was busy with preparing for the World Championships next week in Bordeaux (France) and still. On the 28 and 29 of July I had a 2 races in Belgium, one on Saturday the 28 and the other race on Sunday, time trial for 8 km and road race for 2 hrs. I change the position of my back rest because should be on the rules of UCI (Union Cycling International) and should be 45 degree. So the changing was not so good for me as I had to use on it. But I was working on it after my race in Heidelberg in Germany. I did the time trial and I finished 2e behind one of the best time trial rider and the different was 2 sec. After an Italian came 3rd 17 sec behind. I didn’t felt so good because of the changing but I was still searching for solution for it to get the right position that I should have. On Sunday it was raining like crazy in the morning and the race was at 13:30 in the afternoon. At 12:30 the cloud went away and the sun began to shine and the weather became better and the rain stopped. A small warming up before the race and directly to the start. The race began fast as I tried to run away from the group but the riders of my division as very good and to go away with such a course was a little bit difficult. They catch me up after 15 km riding. I tried lot of time to make them tired with attacking all the time, and I knew that my concurrent was the German guy who won from me in Heidelberg. So it was a little bit tactic race as we had to ride 2 hrs which is too much for some people. At the last lap I stay behind the German guy to see what he want to do, and before the finish about 600 m there were a climbing so I was behind but when he attacked I came short behind him, because I felt a little space between my back rest and my body which I wasn’t able to push with all my power and I finished as 2e behind him, and sure I was angry of that. But sure I said better now to know what I still miss than in the World Championships. So when I came back home I tried to change the back rest to different position to get the right position that I need. And after couple of days I reach what I need and sure with lot of training more than 500 km per week I was and still preparing very good for the World Championships. I knew that on the 11 of august there were a race in Luxemburg, it race of the European championship and I knew that the German guy will be there as well. So I decided to come and race and test if I became better than the last time and what I still missing before the World Championships, it was a test for me. I arrived in the morning driving more than 400 km from where I live. And my target was to win from the German guy. After bringing my start number and preparing my Handbike as well. There were lot of wind and the race was on the circuit of Goodyear and the course was a little bit heavy lot of steep hills but sure not only for me, it was for everyone. The race was at 14:00. A hour before I began my warming up on the course to see and check all the point on the course, and to do not have any surprise. We should ride 11 round about 44km. After the first lap 3 of the whole group was able to run away from the others, and in the second round some of them they came back to us, but on the steep hill I made my attack and sure the others had to drop off of the group, and we stayed the 3 of us riding the whole race together. I attacked lot of time just to test myself for the hills as Bordeaux there is lot of climbing there. The feeling was good and the last round everyone was watching the other, so I stayed behind the German guy as I knew his the key of the race, and before the finish you have to climb about 300 m and you turn to the left and you do a little down to the finish but the distance was about 1 km. So on the last climb I was the German guy open to the right and the Italian was in front me, and in the middle the German attack and when I try to pass the Italian he turn to my side which he make it difficult and closed my way, but still I opened more to the left and pushed with all what I got but the German guy he made a gap of 80 m, so when I turn down to the finish I said to myself the race didn’t finished yet and I should fight and win, so the gap was getting shorter and shorter, and when I saw him looking to the back I knew that he was tired so I was pushing more, and my speed was about 51 km/hrs, and before 100 m from the finished I passed him and yessssssssssssss I won the race. So my preparation was good and I am satisfy but still 2 weeks for the World Championships and I should prepare more. Today I went with my Disk wheel that I bought for the time trial for a training session with my trainer and the feeling was great and I think the preparation is very good but still I should have the good day in the right moment to win. So hope next week my feeling will be good to fight for the winning. Many thanks for you all and your support and wish me luck for next week for the World Championships. Regards, Edward