Edward: mistakes can broke all this prepa

June 19, 2010

Dear Act For Lebanon, (Monday, August 27, 2007) I just came back from the World Championships and now you can read what’s happened there. On the 17 of aug I lest to Bordeaux (France) where the championships will be. I arrived to Bordeaux on the 19 after taking my time on the road. After collecting my stuff from the organisation it was the time for the opening ceremony. So I joined it and it was very nice. After that I left to my hotel with my trainer to take rest and prepare for the next day training on the course to check it and train on it as well. The course was about 20 km from the track races, and our hotel was in the middle between. On Monday we left direction the course and we was checking where it will be, so we had lucky to train on the course before it began to rain. So the training was daily but sure not so hard to keep the energy for the race day. On Thursday I asked my coach to bring my Diskwheels to check it on the course because the surface was not so good, but he forget to bring it. So I train with only the front wheel and the normal back wheel that I have. On the race day after passing by the checking point for my Handcycle and doing the warming up I felt that the wheel are not good, there were trilling all the time on such a surface, but it was late to know that. After starting the time trial I felt what I was worry about the with high speed the Handcycle was trilling all the time and sure I was loosing time as well, seconds but it make difference, and when I came in I was on the 3rd place but I knew that my position was in danger, because some of the rider didn’t came in yet. My expectation was right and 3 of them passed my time and sure it was about second’s not minutes. I had some argument with the coach because he should check this. After finishing 6th in the race I was really angry and sad about the result, my preparation was good and I was feeling good as well but sometime mistakes can broke all this preparation. When I came back to the hotel I was trying to forget what I had and it was on Friday and on Sunday I had my next race and it was the road race my favourite. So it was hard and I was feeling very angry inside. On Saturday I left for recovery session for 20 km and I came back to take some rest for the race. Friends of mine came from Caen to Bordeaux to support me. It was nice to see the Lebanese flags with them. So we took dinner together and I left to the room to take rest for Sunday. Early in the morning I waked up and prepared myself for the race. After we got all the things we left direction the course. I prepared the bike and before an hour I began my warming up, and sure still angry which was not bad to gave my more aggressive and it was good for the race. At 10 in the morning was our start. After the other division started we were waiting for our start. The course was not so easy because it was hilly and lot of technique things you should know it. 3 hills should be climbed for 5 times and at the end of the course was a steep hill and after going to the finish. After the start I wanted to push hard to see who will be able to hang in our group, so I tooked the lead and down hill with more than 60 km/hr and straight up hill but everybody was able to hang in. As you know all the best of the world was joining the race so I should be careful with how the way I should ride and think a lot. So I tried lot of time to attack with other people but it was not good so I decided to leave it to the last up hill. After riding 4 laps it was really a heavy course but sure it was for everyone as well. Before 3 km from the finish I was hanging behind to leader waiting for my chance and before one km many people jumped to the front and the American black me on a side so I wasn’t able to follow the lead group, so I turned my bike to his direction to open the road for me and I succeed to run from the back and in the middle of the climb I was passing everyone but the one who was on the top was a difficult to reach and I was pushing very hard but I finished about 2 m behind him winning the Silver medal. He was a German guy and the third was a German as well. I was not glad about the result but sure to have a silver medal better to do not have anything and sure my target was for Gold, but on the other side it was good to have there the silver and hoping to have the Gold next year in China. I was very happy to have the Lebanese flag on the podium and this is I think the first Lebanese handicap who was able to reach such a result in the World Championships. Congratulation to me but sure to you all as well. Regards, Edward Maalouf