AFL Launching the Vocational Training Program

March 6, 2007

Notwithstanding the country’s political stalemate, Act for Lebanon is focusing on providing educational programs where they are needed most.

This month, Act for Lebanon is launching the “Computer & English Language Skills” session in Baalbeck city. The premises of the Baalbeck Community School (BCS) will open its doors, in March 2007, to welcome 16 ladies who have accomplished at least the complementary level of Education. This session is meant to support young women in getting a stable employment opportunity in Baalbeck city and its surrounding.

The “Computer and English Language Skills” is the first session of the Vocational Training Program. Three sessions under the Vocational Training Program will follow the first one, and will provide the residents of the area and the neighborhood with courses in educational, cultural and technical themes.

Act for Lebanon strengthens on its belief in “Education for Life” in order to provide the educational services where they are needed for building a healthy community, from the grassroots and upwards.

Soon, we will be communicating with you the other sessions that will be implemented under the Vocational Training Program in the BCS premises. 

Visit the BCS page for more details