Edward on the Podium in Germany and Switzerland

May 28, 2006

Edward arrived in Germany to participate in two different races; the first was to be held in Mannhein on Saturday May 20th, but was unfortunately cancelled due to the stormy and windy weather. Edward then took a 500 km drive to Duderstadt, where the Second Race of the European Handbike Circuit was to be held the very following day.

“I arrived in the race city barely in time to get enough sleep for the next day. I woke up and headed to the location to take my number and get ready for a good race,” recounts Edward. The race started off real well for Edward; and comprised of several laps, more than 4 km each. With the continued training and experience the Lebanese international athlete has by now, he was able to overtake the Austrian champion and last year’s European Champion, ranking no less than in second place. “In as much as I wanted to be first, I was truly happy and proud with my second place; especially that the final sprint was quite tough with all the international champions,” says Edward.

After the race, Edward headed to France to train for the third race of the same championship, to be held in Switzerland one week later.
One day prior to the Swiss race, a 21 km time trial was conducted, and Edward ranked third, with an average speed of 35km/hr. Come the day of the event, Edward receives the news that he has ranked second because the athlete before was disqualified for breaching the rules. “I didn’t feel like I deserved the ranking that way. The guy had worked for his position and deserves it the way I deserve third position. I talked to the
Organization; but they said that everyone knows the rules and that they cannot do anything for him. I talked to the guy and told him how I regret their decision.”
The race set off in Schenkon city in presence of the mayor and Edward ranked in second position, not only in this race but in the general ranking of the European Championship. “I am definitely happy with my result, and I hope to achieve the first position in Europe by the end of the year.”
With the support of NGO Act for Lebanon, Edward has become an athlete of weight in international handcycling marathons, another ambassador of Lebanese talent and potential worldwide. He will be participating in yet another race on June 11th, in Italy.