Rolling for Glory

April 2, 2006

Once again, Edward Maalouf was the ambassador Lebanese athlete in yet another hand cycling race, this time in Bonn, Germany. This internationally renowned race is only one phase of the HCT tour (Handbike City Trophy), which is organized every year in Germany, and includes 7 marathons conducted in different cities throughout the year.

Edward was more than thrilled to be part of this challenging race, next to another 60 participants from different countries around the world, such as France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Poland, etc. “Again, the feeling was good and the race was even better. I raced in Bonn Marathon and ranked second in my division, and fourth in general,” says Edward, who has come to be known for his love for challenge. “I chose to participate in this division in particular because the Germans in it are the best and I wanted a good race.”

The Bonn marathon was not the only experience Edward got to live. He also participated in a 10 km race in a different German city, Korschenbroich, where he ranked in 3rd place. Yet the 50 km adventure Edward experienced in Bonn seems to have given him a deep sense of satisfaction and self-fulfillment. 
He relives the race as he describes its developments: “A lot of things change on the race track. At the beginning of the race I was with the first group, doing quite well. Then on the bridge, three of them sprinted ahead; the guy in front of me couldn’t catch up with them and neither could I because I was stuck behind him. I was soon able to get in the lead of my group, and was trying to catch up with the first group again. After 30 km, I was finally able to dash ahead of my group; I felt a lot of power in me. It was too late to catch up with the first group, but I was glad to finish in second place.”

Like many other Lebanese talents, Edward is excelling around the world thanks to the contribution of the non profit organization Act for Lebanon. Departing from the belief that athletes and talents can be great ambassadors for Lebanon and an inspiration for the youth, Act for Lebanon has been strongly supportive of Edward and his perseverance to achieve the results which would qualify him for the Paralympics. “I have the will and the power; all I need is support and that's what I am looking for. I will certainly continue racing; this is what I do and I take it very seriously. And I will keep working on achieving better results and finishing in top ranks in the coming races.”

If you want to see the Bonnn Marathon results in person, you can visit the website at: and then go to Ergebnisse 2006. Enter handbike, 5o km, and you will see the full rankings.

And here you may find the Certification given to Edward from the organizers of the race.

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