New Year's Perspectives

December 29, 2005

Dear Valuable Friends,

We are reaching the last few hours of the year 2005. A year of greatness for Lebanon, greatness of achievement but also, unfortunately, greatness of sorrow, sadness and despair.

And here we are, a group of “friends” sharing the same dream, confirming that Lebanon needs more than ever real citizens who believe that “Act for Lebanon” is the only alternative.

It all started when all of us decided to unite our forces in order to pay-back part of our debt to Lebanon; this is when “Act for Lebanon” was born with a mission to promote:
– Research & Development [human resources, systems & processes]
– School Infrastructure [buildings, equipment & material]

A quick glance at 2005 - that you can see in more details across the different pages of our website - shows the official launch of our association both in the USA (date), as a tax exempt foundation, and in Beirut (August), as an non-profit and non governmental organization. Our support to major events coming to prove the heart of Lebanon will never stop beating, went from the Baalbeck and Beiteddine Festivals to the Beirut International Marathon. Encouraging outstanding talents accompanied Nael Smith and Edward Maalouf in international Marathons, allowing Omar Khoury to live an extraordinary art experience in New York, applauding Maxime Chaya’s climb high experience…

Humble “acts” that talk louder than words. 

And more, we have now the address that keep us in constant communication all over the globe and we are inviting each and everyone of you to sign in and become a member of this born alive and acting community.

Our big challenge for 2006, along pursuing all above activities, will be to start the Baalbeck City School. Putting into action this ambitious education and community center is not of an easy task, we will be needing the commitment and support that everyone can contribute by giving his time, know-how and experience, contacts and funds, etc.

Finally, my wish for the year 2006 is to see the number of people who “Act for Lebanon” grow and build solidarity to give our community and country the immunity and strength it deserves more than ever.

Fadi Nahas